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Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Are doulas midwives?

No. Doulas are not midwives. Midwives are trained professionals that provide health care for birthing women with low-risk. Doulas are mother's support and do not provide medical care, though very resourceful and well-informed of evidence based current information.

Does age of the mother matter for getting doula care?

No. Age of the mother does not matter for getting doula care. The age of the mother in pregnancy and birthing is one of the details healthcare providers keep in mind but anyone can get a doula. Our experience of mamas having their first babies extend from 15 to 44 years old.

Does the doula replace the Dad?

No. In fact, doulas do not replace anybody's role. Doulas work with everyone present at the birth. Sometimes it will be fathers, getting informed or getting a break as the doula steps in. Other times, she will attend to one thing like getting water, as the father stays by mama. Doulas work well in harmony and blending with everyone present, providing the special care and support she is able to give, as others do so as well.

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