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You may schedule an obligation-free interview for all doula services.

During the interview, you will speak directly with the doula to see if you are a good fit and if what she can provide matches your needs and wants. There are absolutely no obligations and you may ask any questions you may have. We believe in creating and building a strong, trusting, and open relationship during this special time you are inviting us into.

It will be an honor to connect with you during this magical time.

We refer clients to many highly qualified wonderful practitioners that may match your wishes best.

We have been published! (article in Japanese)


ハワイに住むVol. 7インタビュー記事pg. 16

The article is a one page interview on "Hawaii ni Sumu," an informational magazine for people who want to live in Hawai'i or travel to the islands like they live here and circulates throughout Waikiki. Maria Price, CD(DONA) is interviewed about her doula services and how she enjoys her Hawai'i lifestyle with her amazing family. On the article, the pictures show Maria enjoying her time with her son and husband and at a prenatal meeting. She is fluent in both Japanese and English. Click on the link above to view article.

Oahu and Islands of Hawaii

Maria Price, CD(DONA)

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Certified Natural Products Manufacturer
Herbal and Holistic Remedy Adviser
Aspiring Holistic Herbalist & Midwife
Certified Doula Trainer in Training

Areas covering: Oahu & Neighboring Islands of Hawaii
Languages: English & Japanese

Aloha birthing and growing families.
Being pregnant and having a baby myself opened up a whole new way of life for me. After having my mind blown away by birthing, babies,my own intuition and abilities, and the people dedicated in supporting birthing, I was certain that what I had experienced with having my baby was a rebirth for myself, gifting me with spontaneous healing, empowerment, and allowance to a happier and brighter place.

Since sitting at the DONA Doula Training in Fall of 2008 with my 8 month old baby in my arms, the first year of my journey as a doula unfolded beautifully with the support and openness of over 40 families. I have been involved with Birthing Programs (government-run programs and non-profit organizations) specializing support in multi-cultural, multi-lingual support, and young mothers under 22, along with private hospital and home birth clients who I have had the blessing to meet.

I believe that pregnancy, birth, and beyond is a beautiful and special time when all the dynamics of life intertwine with each other. It is a time of transition and when being well-supported, it is experienced positively at its full potential, whatever the experience may bring. I commit to doing my best in supporting your experience so it will be remembered as you hoped and wished for it to be.

I am blessed to know what it feels like first-hand to be well-supported (and the other way around) when having a baby and growing with him. I am bilingual in English and Japanese, originally from Tokyo, Japan. I currently reside on the island of Oahu, blessed with our two beautiful kids, and my most loving husband who makes all my dreams come true.

Exciting News!

We have welcomed new doulas in training to our Pacific Doula Ohana. Through our training program, each doula will receive education, mentoring, shadowing, experience in a supported environment, and peer support.
Our circle of people grows into a community with a cause, impacting everyone we have the blessing to meet. Our continuously pursued core goal is to create and support environments that provide mother-centered maternity care. We are hired and serve for the mothers and all that supports her.

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