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Postpartum Mama Group

Postpartum Mama Group

For all mamas with pre-crawling babies!

When a new life comes into your family, everyone gets a new identity. Find support, network, and benefit from sharing with other postpartum mamas as you start your journey as one.

Are you a new mom looking to:

  • Make friends with other like-minded moms.
  • Network and connect with other moms and families with new babies.
  • Share your thoughts and experiences.
  • Be heard and listen for well-being.
  • Although our focus is on mamas, it can be a great opportunity for your baby to get to know and spend time with other babies of the same age group.
  • Network with a community for mamas and babies. Get referrals, resources, and more.
  • This may be an opportunity for you to find long lasting friends and support!

Our focus is on supporting the Mamas, which in the end is beneficial for the baby and rest of the family. Women go through many changes physically, mentally, and socially, as they enter the world with a new role of being a mom. There are many joys and challenges that she may face everyday as she sets her foot to find her own path. Many studies show that women in general benefit from talking and sharing, listening and receiving. Some things a mama might find in a safe, supportive environment like we offer is acceptance, not feeling alone, motivation, inspiration, chance for self-care, friendship, and much more.

All our groups are guided and facilitated by childbirth and postpartum professionals to encourage a safe, mama-centered environment. The main focus of this group is for mamas to find support with one another, while finding answers for herself. Although some conversations may discuss medical conditions and situations, we do not give medical advice, treatment, or therapy. We do offer appropriate referrals and informational support.
Mamas are welcome to share and talk about anything that is related to their transition into motherhood. Some topics that may be discussed includes emotional changes of being a mama, birth stories, about the baby, family dynamics, practical ideas for everyday, intimacy, and anything else that is appropriate that our participating mamas feel the need to discuss.

Schedules & Dates to be posted! Please inquire by e-mail or phone if you are interested.

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