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Great Resources

Great Resources

Here are some great resources that can be useful and helpful for the conscious Greater Bay Area families.


  • DONA International stands for Doulas of North America International. It is the leading organization accrediting and training doulas. Their informative website can tell you all about doulas including official study results and also let’s you search for trusted DONA certified doulas.
  • Hapai Hawaii is a local organization with the mission to weave childbirth professionals, organizations, and families together. They offer community events, resources, and more.

Midwifery Services

  • Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) find out the location and contact information of your local midwife.


  • Mothering Magazine is a magazine that offers great information on natural family living, led by editor, Peggy O’Mara. On their site, there are discussions, expert advices, shopping guides, book reviews, and so on. You can also purchase the magazine online or find it at your local bookstore or health food store.
  • Sheila Kitzinger is a strong believer and educator of natural pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. She has written many amazing books in order to inform and support women and their families.
  • Ina May Gaskin is a highly recognized midwife, an author, an innovator, and activist. She has written wonderful informative books. Her website provides much more.


Information on homebirths can be found in the above mentioned sites under "Information."

  • Water Birth International is a non-profit organization supporting and spreading the word of water birth. This website has many information and their goal is to make water birth an option for labouring women.

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Birth)

  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section provides information and support on planned vaginal birth after cesarean births.

Birth Supplies

  • Mama Goddess Birth Shop is a wonderful online store where you can find all needed home & water birth supplies to organic herbal remedies and natural baby care needs. Also a great resource for information on pregnancy, birthing, and beyond.


  • La Leche League International offers breastfeeding support. Find out where in your neighborhood, you can be a part of this wonderful mothers’ connection.
  • Dr. Jack Newman's site is full of information everything about breastfeeding! He also has amazing books, great for any breastfeeding family.
  • Breastfeeding Online offers free online information on breastfeeding. The interactive site helps you learn knowhows and facts about breastfeeding.
  • Human Milk Banking Association of North America is where babies who need breastmilk can find them and mothers who can offer extra milk can donate them.

Nursing Wear

  • Glamour Mom has fabulous nursing tanktops. You can be subtle and fashionable without getting your tummy cold!

Postpartum Depression Support

Cloth Diapering

  • National Association of Diaper Services offers information and referrals of cloth diapering and related services.
  • Online Shopping:
    Mama Goddess Birth Shop offers basic choices of high quality cloth diapers along with all your natural birthing and postpartum needs.

Honolulu Area:

  • Baby aWEARness in Manoa offers the island's best selections of cloth diapering and babywearing products. They also offer events, such as Doula Tea.

San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Tiny Tots provides cloth diaper cleaning services. Ideal for baby shower gifts and immediate postpartum.
  • Tidee Didee provides cloth diaper cleaning services. Ideal for baby shower gifts and immediate postpartum.

Diaper Free

  • Diaper Free Baby is a network of free support groups promoting a natural approach to responding to babies’ elimination needs, known as elimination communication.


  • Placenta Benefits is full of information on the benefits and options for your placenta. Here, you can learn about placenta encapsulation and other ways to preserve and use your precious placenta that connected as a passage way between you and your baby. Placenta has been experienced to be beneficial for many postpartum conditions for both mama and baby including postpartum depression, breast milk supply, rashes, etc.


  • Dr. Feder is a medical doctor practicing holistic homeopathy. Although her office is located in Los Angeles, CA, her great practice reaches us through her informative website and her amazing books Natural Baby and Childcare and The Vaccination Guide.

Car Seat

  • California Highway Patrol offers baby car seat help on an appointment-only basis and some accept walk-ins. It's best to call ahead for an appointment, and if you can, especially before your baby arrives.

Organic Eating

Nourish with fresh produce at your year-round sun ripe farmer's market goodness! Find your local farmer's market on the Hawai'i Farm Bureau site.

San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Planet Organics offers convenient delivery services of organic and natural groceries. Great baby shower gift and immediate postpartum idea.

Mainland West Coast USA & Canada:

  • Spud offers convenient delivery services of organic and natural groceries. Great baby shower gift and immediate postpartum idea. Introduce or gift to friends and get a discount!

Natural and Conscious Living

  • Skin Deep is a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products. They offer valuable information on what is in the products we use everyday such as make up and soap. They have ratings on each products with details on what the effects of each ingredients are. This is a good place to research what kind of products (like diaper cream) you want on your precious one’s soft skin and the rest of your family.

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