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Aloha Birthing & Growing Families

Pacific Doula & Holistic Services offers doula and holistic services to support you and your growing family through your amazing journey. All of our services are available bilingually, in English and Japanese. You can learn more about what a doula is and about our services through this site.



The area we cover is the island of Oahu and other neighboring islands of Hawaiʻi. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or for more details.
Japanese speaking families who are seeking for support in other places of the world are welcome to contact us to seek options and referrals.


Our goal is to support create mother-centered birthing.

There is a wide range of normal in birthing. What matters most is what the mother takes away from the experience of a lifetime with her as she embarks the journey of parenting.

That is why doula care is effective for all birthing mothers.
Some of our experiences include:

  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) 帝王切開後経膣分娩
  • Non-medical birth after previous epidural birth 前回のお産が無痛分娩後の自然経膣分娩
  • Cesarean births (non-scheduled and scheduled) 帝王切開(計画されていない/されている)
  • Home Birth 自宅お産
  • Water Birth 水中分娩
  • Hospital Birth (All natural, spontaneous, induced, & medically assisted) 病院でのお産(自然分娩、計画分娩、無痛分娩)
  • First-time mamas 初産
  • Twins 双子
  • Families of many backgrounds, ages and circumstances 様々な年齢や状況のご家族
  • For more, please refer to What is a Doula? Quick Facts. この他は、What is a Doula? Quick Factsをご参照ください。

Mahalos for visiting and best wishes to you and your growing family!

Mahalos & Aloha.

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